What We Do


Corporate video has never been this entertaining.

If you’re looking for corporate video production in Manchester, we understand it comes in all different shapes and sizes; how-to videos, event or product launches, adverts, promotions… it is definitely not a case of “one size fits all.” At Juke Media we pride ourselves on our ability to not only adapt to every different type of corporate video production, but also deliver a product that is entertaining, story-driven and connects with your viewers.

Crowdfunding Videos

You want to fund your next project? You NEED a video.

In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, with an increasingly familiar digital audience, an effective crowdfunding campaign needs originality. It’s no longer enough to simply produce a product showcase, you need a video that ties in with the rest of your campaign and that truly engages your audience. We also work closely with a team of crowdfunding experts who have raised over $17 million USD for their projects, and together we develop creative approaches that ensure everything aligns… so you can focus on what’s most important to you – your product!


Any great event needs an equally great video.

Video production is vital for any event, whether in Manchester or elsewhere. How else are you going to show off all the months of planning? Whether you want to capture the event in its entirety, have a highlight video as a memento of the occasion, or a video to use as a promo for your next event… Juke Media is on hand to create content as entertaining as the function itself.


The sky is literally the limit.

Nothing says high video production value like some gorgeous aerial photography and videography. At Juke Media we have some of the best drones on the market as well as the highly skilled operators to capture some simply stunning aerial views.


A slick promo makes a business really stand out.

Do you need promotional video production in Manchester? We know how to make it be impactful, innovative, concise and emotionally resonant. It needs to solidify your brand whilst simultaneously captivating a new audience. Our mission is always to create authentic, story-driven digital content, and we really know what makes a promo great.

Music Videos

Music videos have evolved.

Juke Media are filmmakers and we view music videos as, fundamentally, story-driven short films. We will sit down with you to create an authentic narrative that will connect with you fans, old and new alike.


Truth is stranger than fiction.

Documentary video production is a distinctive and evolving type of content. Our documentary productions give a unique and unparalleled insight into a person, group or business. The results are truly special.